Reporting Options

Physician Compass makes quality data reporting easy and reliable. Our experience and expertise allow you to maximize incentives, minimize penalties and eliminate risk associated with required required healthcare reporting.

We report data on the group level and for individual providers to easily match your organization’s needs. Physician Compass also can gather patient level data and build reports for all patients and payers—beyond just Medicare.

To accommodate a variety of IT levels and EHR systems, we offer two solutions—GPS and CUSTOM NAVIGATOR. GPS was created for providers with more advanced IT systems and processes. CUSTOM NAVIGATOR was designed for those seeking a more encompassing quality data reporting strategy.

Not sure which option is best for you? Please contact us! We can guide you to the right option. To get started, see the options below.

Reporting Options


Group Processing Solution

For those reporting on large groups of providers, or with mature data collection systems.

Group Reporting Option — Data Submission Vendor (DSV)
  • This service is for groups of providers under the same tax identification number (TIN).
  • You need to have an electronic medical record system certified by the office of the National Coordinator for Health IT.
Group Reporting Option — Qualified Registry
  • This option is for groups of providers under the same tax identification number (TIN).
Individual Provider Reporting — Qualified Registry
  • This option is for individual providers in multi and single specialty practices.
Qualified Clinical Data Registry
  • This service is for group or individual providers.

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Reporting Options

Custom Navigator

Want to define a custom reporting strategy above and beyond MIPS? This product is for you.


We have the ability create a custom measurement and reporting solution to fit your specific needs. It can be designed outside specific MIPS requirements defined by CMS, with a broader focus on quality improvement measurement as defined by you.

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